Love our products? Learn how to care for them:

Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, moisturizers, hair sprays and deodorants- your jewellery should be put on last and taken off first

Avoid contact with cleaning fluids such as detergents and shampoos- removal of rings prior to hand washing is recommended and jewellery should never be worn in the shower

Avoid exposure to the chlorine in swimming pools- excessive exposure can lead to deterioration

Avoid sleeping with your jewellery on- night sweat and prolonged rubbing will cause the plating to wear off

Store similar items together- mixing your silver and gold plated items will cause color fading and tarnishing

Store your jewellery in a dry and cool environment

Dust and weather elements can cause your jewellery to dull in appearance- keep them shiny in our soft Vicki&Meg® pull-string pouches

Remove sweat and dirt from your jewellery with a damp cloth and pat dry with a soft towel- please be gentle!



Our accessories are plated and can succumb to wear and tear over time without proper product care