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  1. Starburst Dual Finger Ring

    Starburst Dual Finger Ring

      Starburst centrepiece dual finger ring of petite pavé crystal set on a silver tone metal. Malleability and contoured design of the hand band enables size adjustment to fit most fingers. LearnMore

    S$ 67.90

  2. Spike Cuff Ring

    Spike Cuff Ring

      A thick band with glam'ed up centrepiece of marquise cut crysals and metallic drop cone cuts an image of rebel chic.Ring heigtht 1cm. Drop cone 1.5cm LearnMore

    S$ 29.90

  3. Art Deco Link Ring

    Art Deco Link Ring

      This attention-getting link ring spots the art décor mortif intricately embellished with white and emerald green crystals set on polished silver tone metal. LearnMore

    S$ 60.90

  4. Victorian Dual Ring Set

    Victorian Dual Ring Set

      This Victorian style dual ring of petite pavé crystals include the highlight ring with a cascading chain tassle and round bezel crystal endings; and its sidekick to be worn on the same or adjacent finger for a synchromised look of haute glamour. LearnMore

    S$ 98.90

  5. Waterfall Ring

    Waterfall Ring

      Quadruple rows of petite pavé crystal  band embellished with a waterfall chain tassle finishing with round bezel crystals. Ring is open ended to suit all finger sizes.Tassle drop 3.5cm. LearnMore

    S$ 88.90

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